• Physiological Proteomics (3 credits)

    PNB 5396-020

    Instructor(s): Schwartz

    Current experimental and computational techniques available to study the proteome and its role in cellular and organismal physiology.

  • Honors Core: Computational Molecular Biology (3 credits)

    MCB/CSE/BME/PNB 1401

    Instructor(s): Mandoiu, Nelson, Schwartz

    Introduction to research in computational biology through lectures, computer lab exercises, and mentored research projects. Topics include gene and genome structure, gene regulation, mechanisms of inheritance, biological databases, sequence alignment, motif finding, human genetics, forensic genetics, stem cell development, comparative genomics, early evolution, and modeling complex systems. CA 3.

  • Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (3 credits)

    PNB 6426

    Instructor(s): deBlas, Walikonis, Schwartz

    Molecular and cellular aspects of modern neurobiology including the analysis of neuronal proteins and their post-translational modifications, the dynamics of cellular substructures, and various signaling mechanisms in nerve cells including synaptic transmission. Molecular and cellular biology of selected neurological disorders.

  • The Proteomics of Post-Translational Modifications (1 credit)

    PNB 6400

    Instructor(s): Schwartz

    This one-credit graduate seminar will provide a survey of protein post-translational modifications (e.g., phosphorylation, glycosylation, sumoylation, acetylation, etc.), and the various proteomic methodologies used to discover their existence.